Natural Light Still Shoot with Chicago rapper/singer Jean Deaux

Blog and Photography by Emari Traffie. 

This shoot with Jean Deaux (a singer/rapper out of Chicago) was inspired by images of a young Diana Ross. The wardrobe was a combination of a few treasured pieces from my own closet and a solid Goodwill haul. The makeup was done by the crazy talented Nimai. She had the brilliant idea to keep it super neutral but add a wet-look gloss to eyelids. Jean did her own hair, using knots to create an edgy, rooted look. She undid them later, creating a soft romantic look juxtaposed the harsh late afternoon shadows. The space itself allowed us to channel timeless glamour and Jean delivered a beautiful look that was somehow awkward and sexy at the same time. We spent most of our time in the natural light studio space but I also have a special place in my heart for wood paneling and there happened to be some downstairs. I used the overhead lights combined with a bounce/flash technique to fill in shadows.