7 L.A.-based Photographers to Follow

Photo: We are the Rhoads

Photo: We are the Rhoads

It’s no secret that Los Angeles is teeming with on-screen talent. But for every person in front of the camera, there are another three behind the camera. And the concentration of photographers, videographers and artists in close proximity has created a hotbed for talent. Through competition and collaboration, the ways we capture still and video is always growing and evolving, and that near-constant evolution in art begins in L.A.

Whether you’re a photographer yourself, or simply appreciate good photography, you are likely inspired by the work of others. That’s why we curated a list of seven Los Angeles-based photographers that are changing the game. While they’re all in various stages of their career, they all have one thing in common; the consistent ability to capture a stunning, thought provoking photo. If you’re looking for new inspiration, check out the photographers below.

Brandon Almengo/ Instagram: BrandonAlmengo

Brandon Almengo is a New York photographer and director currently living in L.A. Brandon captures compelling portraits of celebrities, high-fashion models and high-end editorial images. From the dry desert to city rooftops, Brandon has seemingly found a way to utilize every captivating backdrop L.A. has to offer.

James Davis, II/ Instagram: jd2pictures/ Website: jd2pictures.com  

James is a director and portrait photographer in L.A. His photographs of beautiful women posing in raw, industrial settings, creates juxtaposition in his imagery that draws the viewer in. Through a combination of color, light, shadows and symmetry, he manages to give his photos a depth that is tangible.

Randy Tran/ Instagram: rtranphoto/ Website: randytran.photography

Randy Tran is a fashion and beauty photographer in L.A. His editorial work is both thought provoking and moody. By uniquely staging his subjects, Randy is able to create imagery that is compelling and interesting, leaving the viewer with both questions and answers.  

Michelle Corvino/ Instagram: M.corvino/ Website: mcorvinophoto.com

Michelle Corvino captures a temperature in her photos that is palpable. By capitalizing on unique shadows within spaces, that temperature shines through even in her black and whites. By giving the viewer a feel for the heat, Michelle is able to bring her images to life.

Photo: We are the Rhoads

Photo: We are the Rhoads

Carla Richmond Coffing/ Instagram: go_carla_go / Website: go-carla-go.com

Carla captures photographs of real, endearing people in everyday life. Her imagery evokes so much emotion that the viewer feels extreme empathy for her subject matters. Her use of color is a beautiful embodiment of the Americana-esque style.

Brienne Michelle/ Instagram: briennemichelle / Website: briennemichelle.com

Brienne is a photographer and content creator with an astounding ability of invoking motion in stills. Brienne photographs an array of dancers, athletes and underwater portraits, all portraying both the power and beauty of the human body.

Sarah Rhoads & Chris Rhoads/ Instagram: wearetherhoads/ Website: wearetherhoads.com

The Rhoads are a husband and wife duo who have photographed bands such as The Lumineers and various iconic American brands such as Levi’s. If we could bottle the mood and spirit of America in a modern-day time capsule, the Rhoads have done just that. Check out the various landscapes and travel photography across their Instagram.